Colorimetric Cyanide 

colorimetric cyanide.jpg

Application Benefits

  • Robustness from gas diffusion principle
  • Operator workload reduced due to the use of automated in-line digestion 
  • Increased operator safety and environmental awareness the use of isonicotinic acid instead of pyridine


  • Cyanide, isonicotinic acid, pyridine, flow injection analysis, FIA, gas diffusion, ISO 14403, flow analysis, colorimetric, UV digestion, digester, digestor

Anionic Surfactants

Anionic Surfactants.jpg


Application Benefits

  • Automation - reduced manual labor
  • Environmental consciousness - reduced waste generation
  • Operator safety - reduced exposure to organic solvent


  • Anionic surfactants, methylene blue, MBAS, Anionic surfactants, methylene blue, MBAS, chloroform, phase extraction, ISO 16265, FIA, flow injection, analysis, chemistry, environment

Multivariate Analysis: An Advancement for Flow Injection



FIAlab incorporates a multivariate analysis feature in FIAsoft and SIAsoft. This tool allows our analyzers to reach lower quantitation limits of detection than ever before. This advanced data processing tool reduces noise 3-5-fold uncovering peaks with concentrations in single digit parts per billion. This result yields a striking distinction between pre and post-processed data shown below:

The Coefficient of Determination vs Relative Standard Error 



The coefficient of determination, or R2 value, is a measure of how well a set of data fits a calibration curve. This is the metric that is used almost universally by agricultural and environmental laboratories across the county. The closer this value approaches 1, the better a calibration curve fits the range of standards.