FIAlab's novel ammonia/TKN method receives full EPA authorized status!

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Please contact us if you have any issues running your assays.

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On the back of your instrument is the serial number – please have it ready when you contact us

When you buy a FIAlab instrument, you get a 10-year relationship. Customer satisfaction is essential to FIAlab – service and support are part of it.

FIAlab’s instruments are very reliable and when maintained properly you will not have any issues with the instrument. Our support is helping customers with trouble shooting running their assays – it could be bad reagents, training a new lab technician or anything else.

We offer two levels of service plans gold and silver level

Service Contracts

   Silver Plan  Gold Plan
 Preventative Maintenance Visit Every 12 Months    
 Email Support    
 Phone Support    
 Remote Desktop Support    
 3-Year Warranty on New Equipment    
 Software Upgrades and Bug Fixes    
 Reduced Fees for Additional Visits    
 72 Hour On-Site Response Time    
Preventative Maintenance Visit Every 6 Months    
24 Hour On-Site Response Time