Agricultural, Environmental and Industrial Chemical AssaysThe FIAlyzer-1000 system is a complete and fully automated single channel analyzer. The system has FIAsoft our new control software, a UV/VIS spectrometer, flow cell, light source, fiber optics, tubing and connectors.
  • On-line Process Monitoring

    Our instruments provide solutions to all kind of on-line process monitoring challengesOur highly customized sequential injection analysis instruments are often used as monitoring systems or a process control systems. FIAlab's software developers provide a substantial customization of the analyzer software and help with the integration to customers other systems

    for a wide variety of nutrients and toxic substances in runoff, drinking and waste waters.The FIAlyzer-2000 is a dual-channel analyzer for simultaneous determination of 2 parameters. The ease of use, robust design and adaptability make these analyzers the best choice for environmental laboratories. Analyzers for simultaneous determination of up to 8 parameters are available
  • Sequential Injection

    Scientists' preferred SIA analyzer for researchThe FIAlab-3500 system is ideal for testing new sensor technologies and developing new FIA/SIA methods.
  • Flow Cells

    SMA-Z Flow Cells, Long Path and Ultra Flow Cells and many moreFIAlab offers a variety of fiber optic Flow Cells in materials of Plexiglas, PEEK, ULTEM, and Stainless Steel. Based on 20 years of experience our quartz fiber optics are integrated with a wide range of Flow Cell designs, detectors and light sources.
  • Software

    We customize, integrate and develop software.FIAlab's experienced software engineers can be engaged on a consulting basis to help clients customize our proprietary software and integrate it within their existing systems.
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