WM Peristaltic Pumps
Part Number: 41010-13 and 41021
Product Image: thumb_WM C-Series.png

The advantage of peristaltic pumps is their multichannel functionality, that allows liquids to be propelled continuously and independently at selected flow rates. Peristaltic Pumps are ideal for laboratory operations, where a frequent supervision of the apparatus is practical. We have chosen the most reliable pumps available on the market to construct FIAlab systems.

FIAlab Instruments, Inc. offers stand-alone pumps manufactured by Watson-Marlow. All pumps can be manually operated as well as computer controlled via TTL and DAC signals. Near instant start/stop/reverse operation makes these pumps fully FIA compatible. These instruments are work horses for laboratory based assays and many other fluidic handling operations. We offer a wide selection of peristaltic pumps from panel mounted to stand alone or computer controllable. Below are some of our more popular models.