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Whether it be on the production floor, QC lab, or research facility, processes involving precise liquid-handling and monitoring can be cumbersome in the pharmaceutical industry. Sequential Injection Analysis (SIA) is a liquid-handling technique that can automate important processes like sample pretreatment and sample measurement. Our instruments are orchestrated by our advanced software, SIAsoft, to perform basal functions like dilution, solid phase extraction, heating, gas diffusion, and dialysis. These are performed on-line and in an automated fashion. Past applications of this technology include nutrient monitoring, product characterization, contaminant monitoring, and bioreactor sample pretreatment. Many of these applications require specific and precise solutions. We are willing to work with you to create those solutions by customizing our products.

Known Advantages of SIA:

  1. Flexible and dynamic application range
  2. Automation of back-to-back base operations
  3. On-line process monitoring, feedback, and control
  4. Customizable application construction– especially using Python Scripting in SIAsoft
  5. Almost no consumable plastics - get rid of your 96-well plates
  6. Low consumable cost

Possible Applications:

  • Amino acid characterization, nutrient monitoring, glycan analysis, sample pretreatment, in-line dilution and more.