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  • The MicroSIA is the epitome of sequential injection. This minimalistic and robust instrument uses a single syringe pump to push, pull, and mix liquids in your assay. This pump, paired with an injection valve and our unique manifold, can automate protocols that would otherwise require laborious pipetting and liquid-handling.

    This instrument has been especially popular in many biochemical, radio-nuclear, environmental, and research applications. Our line of SIA analyzers is used for more than sample analysis. Many assays, particularly biochemical assays, require rigorous sample pretreatment. The SIA analyzers are great at moving samples and reagents through complex, articulate pathways. They can easily move samples through heaters, chillers, protein columns, and anything else you might think of. This is all Python scripted, automated, and monitored on-line.

    Let us know what liquid-handling protocols are taking up your time – we’ll automate them.

  • An automated syringe pump provides incredible precision when handling samples and reagents. You can manage microliter volumes with ease. We will fit you with the syringe that best suits your application.

    The ability to control such small volumes allows for minimal waste generation and reagent use. SIA produces 50 times less waste per assay than other flow based automated analyzers. This is particularly handy when dealing with expensive and limited reagents.

    Detection is performed using a spectrometer and light source that are mounted on the instrument. Sample is measured through a flow cell. We will help you choose the appropriate flow cell size and material for your application.

    On-line applications are also suited for the MicroSIA. An assay developed and tested in a laboratory can be transferred in the field or in a process using the same instrument.

  • Analyzer

    Download Specifications

    Type: Sequential Injection Analyzer
    Enclosure material: Aluminum (powder-coated / anodized)

    Syringe Pump

    Type: High-precision syringe pump
    Wetted materials: Glass, Teflon®, PCTFE
    Syringe sizes: 50 μL, 100 μL, 250 μL, 500 μL, 1.0 mL, 2.5 mL and 5.0 mL
    Resolution: 24,000 steps per full stroke
    Speed: 1.2 sec – 20 min per full stroke


    Type: 8-port multiposition selector valve. 6-port and 10-port also available. Optional Lab on valve® manifold for 6- and 8-port valves.
    Wetted materials: PPS, Valcon E2 (proprietary reinforced PTFE composite). In the case of Lab on valve® manifold also Ultem® or Plexiglas.
    Port type: Flat-bottom 1⁄4-28

    Relay output

    Voltage: 5Vdc
    Current: Max 1A
    Voltage: 24Vdc


    Height: 7 in (18 cm)
    Width: 5.25 in (13 cm)
    Depth: 6 in (18 cm)
    Weight: 8 lb (3.5 kg)


    Type: USB
    Control options: SIAsoft – FIAlab's proprietary software

    Power requirements

    Voltage: 24 V DC
    Current: max 2.5 A

  • MicroSIA Flyer

    MicroSIA Manual

Product Highlights

Minimal Reagent Waste

Don’t waste precious reagents. Don’t generate unnecessary waste. SIA can operate with minuscule volumes that will save you money and hassle.

Add-on Components

Need to speed up your reaction? Add a heater. Need a chiller to cool your enzymatic reagents? Add a chiller. You can easily add components like these and others to any FIAlab instrument.

Bench space

The MicroSIA is the smallest automated analyzer available on the market. With a footprint of 12x14cm, this portable unit is for the laboratory where bench space is at a premium.

On-line Applications

Our SIA instruments, paired with SIAsoft, provide unique, cutting-edge solutions for on-line monitoring and process analytical technology (PAT). These solutions are used in research facilities, quality control labs, and manufacturing plants.


Sequential injection analysis is an intricate, dynamic analysis technique. The sheer number of actions, flow paths, and valves requires powerful computer control. As a result, we created SIAsoft. This new software packs a plethora of useful functions into a user-friendly interface. You can even use Python Scripting to build custom methods. Click below to find out more.

Typical Setup



Choose the analyzer that suits your application best. Is it single channel, multi-channel or a combination?


We supply computers at cost. We will install all relevant software and hardware. Or, use your own. Up to you!


We can supply an autosampler at retail value, or you can use one you already own. FIAsoft is compatible with all standard autosamplers.

Service Contract

Consider purchasing a Preventative Maintenance Plan with FIAlab. With it, you will receive unlimited consultation, an extended warranty, and annual maintenance visits.

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