FIAlab's novel ammonia/TKN method receives full EPA authorized status!

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  • The FIAlyzer-1000 is a single-channel analyzer that offers full automation of flow injection analysis. The complete system includes the pump, valve, light source, spectrometer, and other components needed for measuring liquid samples by flow injection analysis. The system is controlled by FIAsoft, our state-of-the-art control software, which is also compatible with all standard autosamplers. The robust design, low cost, and adaptability make it the best choice for agricultural and environmental laboratories performing routine assays.
  • For agricultural laboratories, the FIAlyzer-1000 analyzes soil, plant tissue, manure samples, and other substances related to the growing of crops. These include nutrients like: nitrate, phosphate, ammonia, and other soil fertility indicators such as sulfate and chloride. For environmental laboratories, the FIAlyzer-1000 analyzes a wide variety of nutrients and toxic substances in runoff, drinking water, and wastewater. For a complete list of methods that can be run on a FIAlyzer-1000, please see our FIAlab Product Catalog and our list of FIAlab EPA methods. If you do not see the method you need listed, please contact FIAlab. We have many more methods available.
  • Analyzer
    Type: Single Channel Flow Injection Analyzer Download Specifications

    Enclosure material: Aluminum (powder-coated / anodized)
    Peristaltic Pump

    Type: 4-channel peristaltic, common pressure plate

    Materials: Aluminum, stainless steel

    Tubing type: 2-stop elastic tubing (Tygon, Pharmed etc)

    Flow rate: 0.5-5.0 mL/min per channel (1.02 mm ID tubing)
    0.3-2.8 mL/min per channel (0.76 mm ID tubing)

    Type: 6-port; Two Position Injection Valve
    Wetted materials: Plexiglas, Valcon E2 (proprietary reinforced PTFE composite)

    Port type: Flat-bottom ¼-28
    Relay output
    Voltage: 24 V
    Current: Max 4mA
    Height: 9.5 in (24 cm)
    Width: 6 in (15 cm)
    Depth: 9.5 in (24 cm)
    Weight: 9 lb (4 kg)

    Communication Input: USB

    Output: none

    Control options: FIAsoft software
    Power requirements

    Voltage: 24 Vdc

    Current: Max. 2.5 A

  • FIAlyzer-1000 Manual

    FIAlab Product Catalog

    FIAlab Fast-Phosphate Analysis

Product Highlights

The FIAlyzer-1000 is a robust instrument with a lot to offer.

Fast Throughput

The FIAlyzer-1000 is the fastest flow injection analyzer on the market. Analyze up to 250 samples per hour with this instrument.

Small footprint

Save room in your laboratory. This instrument requires less than one square-foot of bench space.

Spectrometer Capabilities

Our analyzers utilize spectrometers to perform their detection. A spectrometer will broaden your sample concentration range, reduce noise, and collect more data.

Free Training and Installation

Every instrument comes with free training and on-site installation. Our technicians will teach you the in-and-outs, run your samples, and ensure that the instrument accomplishes your analytical goals.


Software is just as important as hardware. In order to provide complete analytical solutions, we understand that we have to deliver quality hardware and polished software. Our instruments operate on the newest, most intuitive FIA software ever. This program will change the way you use flow injection. Click the link to find out how.

Typical Setup



Choose the analyzer that suits your application best. Is it single channel, multi-channel or a combination?


We supply computers at cost. We will install all relevant software and hardware. Or, use your own. Up to you!


We can supply an autosampler at retail value, or you can use one you already own. FIAsoft is compatible with all standard autosamplers.

Service Contract

Consider purchasing a Preventative Maintenance Plan with FIAlab. With it, you will receive unlimited consultation, an extended warranty, and annual maintenance visits.



Gas diffusion and salicylate methods. EPA recommended.


Cadmium reduction. ASTM 4500-NO3- I


Automated. ASTM 4500-P G-199


Methylthymol Blue FIA. ASTM 4500-SO4,2- G

And moreā€¦

Most ATSM and EPA methods are compatible with our instruments. Read more