• The SMA-Z Standard and Micro-Volume Flow Cells are designed for absorbance measurements where the monitored wavelengths are longer than 210 nm. These flow cells are available in 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100-mm optical path lengths. Custom sizes are also available. Materials include chemically inert Teflon, PEEK, Ultem, stainless steel and Plexiglas.

    These flow cells utilize UV-grade, fused silica windows that also has a high UV through IR transmittance (210 nm through 2000 nm). The windows are held in place by chemically-resistant seals, pressure mounted with stainless steel SMA connectors (connectors do not contact the fluids). The windows are removable for cleaning or replacement with material of different optical properties.

    For optical paths less than 2.5 mm please see our Ultra-Short Path (USP) Flow Cells. For optical paths greater than 100 mm please see our Ultra-Long Path (ULP) Flow Cells.

  • Each order includes one flow cell, two optical windows, two steel SMA connectors, six tubing connectors (nuts and ferrules), ten feet of Teflon tubing, six seals, and a manual.

    Z-Type flow cells made of Plexiglas or Ultem are the most popular because they can be visually inspected without interrupting an automated assay. This allows the rapid identification of problems like the lack of reagents, turbid samples, or failure of the light source.

    Two SMA terminated fiber optic cables are required (P600-20 fibers are recommended). Fibers must be ordered separately.

Standard Volume SMA-Z Flow Cells
Part # Description
79048 SMA-Z-2.5 Cell - PEEK - 2.5mm optical path
79049 SMA-Z-2.5 Cell - Plexiglas - 2.5mm optical path
79050 SMA-Z-2.5 Cell - Stainless Steel - 2.5mm optical path
79051 SMA-Z-2.5 Cell - Teflon - 2.5mm optical path
79052 SMA-Z-2.5 Cell - Ultem - 2.5mm optical path
79072 SMA-Z-5 Cell - PEEK - 5mm optical path
79073 SMA-Z-5 Cell - Plexiglas - 5mm optical path
79074 SMA-Z-5 Cell - Stainless Steel - 5mm optical path
79075 SMA-Z-5 Cell - Teflon - 5mm optical path
79076 SMA-Z-5 Cell - Ultem - 5mm
79027 SMA-Z-10 Cell - PEEK - 10mm optical path
79028 SMA-Z-10 Cell - Plexiglas - 10mm optical path
79029 SMA-Z-10 Cell - Stainless Steel - 10mm optical path
79030 SMA-Z-10 Cell - Teflon -10mm optical path
79031 SMA-Z-10 Cell - Ultem -10mm optical path
79058 SMA-Z-20 Cell -PEEK- 20mm optical path
79059 SMA-Z-20 Cell - Plexiglas - 20mm optical path
79060 SMA-Z-20 Cell -Stainless Steel- 20mm optical path
79061 SMA-Z-20 Cell - Teflon - 20mm optical path
79062 SMA-Z-20 Cell - Ultem - 20mm optical path
79082 SMA-Z-50 Cell - PEEK - 50mm optical path
79083 SMA-Z-50 Cell -Plexiglas - 50mm optical path
79084 SMA-Z-50 Cell - Stainless Steel - 50mm optical path
79085 SMA-Z-50 Cell -Teflon - 50mm optical path
79086 SMA-Z-50 Cell - Ultem - 50mm optical path
79037 SMA-Z-100 Cell - PEEK -100 mm optical path
79038 SMA-Z-100 Cell - Plexiglas -100 mm optical path
79039 SMA-Z-100 Cell - Stainless Steel -100 mm optical path
79040 SMA-Z-100 Cell - Teflon -100 mm optical path
79041 SMA-Z-100 Cell - Ultem -100 mm optical path

Replacement Seal and Windows

You will need to clean your flow cell to preserve its longevity. We recommend cleaning it once every three months. Most of our customers, however, clean them every six months.

After each cleaning, it is necessary that you replace the Teflon seals. This will ensure a watertight seal. For the best optical performance, exchange the silica windows every half-year.

We supply these consumables in the SMA-WIN Kit (PN 79150). This packet includes two silica windows, six Teflon seals, and a scrubbing brush. A separate kit with two new SMA adapters also exists. This is the SMA-WIN-SS Kit (PN 79153).

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