FIAlab Process Analyzer

Part Number: 77103
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The FIAlab Process Analyzer is a highly customized sequential injection analysis (SIA) instrument that provides solutions to all kinds of on-line process monitoring challenges. As a monitoring system, it can report changes in the chemical composition of process fluids. As a process control system, it can adjust the composition of a process within required specifications.

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The Process Analyzer provides a plethora of potential applications. It has been used in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to apparels. Because of the sheer potential this instrument has, it is manufactured in close collaboration with customers. FIAlab engineers communicate with customer representatives to customize and outfit the analyzer for whatever the customer desires. If you ask for it, we'll build it! 

Previous applications include batch processing, PAT, on-line analysis, and much more. 



Ease of Use

The Process Analyzer embodies the combination of sequential injection analysis with PAT (Process
Analytical Technology). This instrument was designed to be a simple and robust way to tackle a wide range of
in-vitro assays conducted by pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries. The previously meticulous
procedures for these assays are replaced with online processing by our software, SIAsoft. This intuitive software saves time, labor, and assures consistent procedures.


Sequential and Flow Injection Analysis was first developed for hardworking farmers and horticulturists.
In peak farming periods, our instruments needed to run reliably and consistently for up to 24 hours at a
time. Thirty years later, we still strive for the same durability and reliability for every industry out there. The
Process Analyzer is no exception to our standards. This powerful instrument can run all night without fail.


The Process Analyzer is an instrument that allows for creative and productive spaces.If a standard assay can be accomplished with a single syringe pump and detector, imagine what sort of analysis can be done with multiple pumps, specialized selector valves, tactful mixing coils, and in-line columns and heaters for separation. All of which is housed in a single unit. The applications are boundless. FIAlab’s engineers have lots of experience outfitting this instrument for a myriad of specific assays. The instrument can be customized
to do anything from automated liquid chromatography to process analytical pretreatment. If you ask for it, we’ll build it!

Unparalleled Software

The Proces Analyzer runs on our sequential injection software, SIAsoft. This new and intuitive program simplifies traditionally meticulous assays and allows for a more hands-off approach. 

And, as with all of our products, the Process Analyzer is promised to be an industrial grade system with the robustness and reliability required for any manufacturing environment.

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