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Mission Statement

To provide scientists automated and intelligent fluidic instrumentation by focusing on analytical solutions – not just products.



FIAlab Instruments is a leading manufacturer of flow injection analysis (FIA) and sequential injection analysis (SIA) instrumentation. These instruments are used to automate and streamline many liquid-handling procedures. Research departments and industries ranging from agriculture to semiconductor manufacturing have found our instruments vital to their operations. Applications include on-line process monitoring, sensor development, and routine agricultural or environmental assays.

Beyond instrumentation, FIAlab also specializes in the software development – including custom work. We realize that quality software is just as important as quality hardware. We have developed software that takes full advantage of the dynamic capabilities of FIA and SIA. These programs are revolutionarily powerful but, most importantly, easy to learn and use. 



Our Beliefs 

Fluidics Intelligently Automated

Flow injection analysis and sequential injection analysis technologies provide essential and unique solutions to many problems scientists face when dealing with precise liquid-handling procedures. By combining our instruments with powerful software, we can solve many of these problems. FIAlab’s technologies can greatly increase the productivity and efficiency of laboratories across the world.

More than an Instrument

Laboratories deserve more than a measurement device when they purchase a new instrument. They deserve a solution backed with support and software to maximize its potential. We understand this and strive to deliver solutions - not just products.

With that in mind, our instruments come backed with cutting-edge software, dependable service, and a team of support experts.

Going beyond the production line

There are many times when a standard product does not cut it. We are always willing to build custom solutions for your analytical needs. Whether that is method development, software design, or product modification, we will work with you to accomplish your goals. Past projects include detailed software re-writes, custom analyzer builds, and advanced process-monitoring systems. 





FIAlab Instruments has perhaps the strongest roots in flow injection and sequential injection technologies out there. The inventor of these techniques founded FIAlab in 1987. For over 30 years now, we have remained on the leading front of these techniques ever since and have significantly improved these technologies.   


Why Use Flow Injection

Flow injection analysis was first invented for agronomists. They needed to test their crops and soil in great numbers during the busy seasons– greater than what traditional manual assays could handle.

Along those same lines, our flow analyzers are practical for anyone seeking:

  1. Higher sample throughputs
  2. Automated analytical instrumentation
  3. Replacements for manual methods to save time and labor
  4. Precise and replicable data
  5. Reliable standard operating procedures
  6. Top-notch software
  7. Complete solutions for analytical needs