FIAlab's novel ammonia/TKN method receives full EPA authorized status!

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Online Process Monitoring

Process Analyzer

FIAlab analyzers are perfectly suited for on-line monitoring. The analyzers have been designed to work in an automated unattended fashion. They can perform complex analytical operations reliably and reproducibly.
FIAlab’s world leading scientists in the field of flow and sequential injection analysis work with our customers to develop advanced process control instruments suited to their needs. These instruments are designed to have the reliability and robustness required for the manufacturing environment and use FIAlab’s well-tested techniques and proprietary software. 
FIAlab’s process control instrument is completely customized to the clients’ applications. No one instrument is the same – if you ask for it, we’ll build it! Examples of their uses are:
  • Batch processing 
  • Process analytical technologies (PAT)
  • Monitoring industrial mixing processes
  • Searching for contaminants in process streams
  • Controlling color strength in dye baths


Process Analyzer.jpg

Figure 1: A process analyzer