FIAlab's novel ammonia/TKN method receives full EPA authorized status!

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Flow injection analysis can be used to test soil, fertilizer, water, plant tissue samples, and many other matrices. The compounds analyzed are typically inorganic molecules, including nitrate, phosphate and much more. FIA technology has been especially useful for soil laboratories across the world. Come planting and growing seasons, farmers require fast, yet precise, soil and plant measurements. Their samples flood agricultural laboratories and would freeze operations if it weren’t for FIA technology. The unparalleled throughput and precision of FIAlab’s instruments allow laboratories to complete sample analyses quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of FIA

High Sample Throughput

Up to 240 samples per hour.

Fast Calibration Times

Under 5 minutes.


Automation that liberates the lab technician.

Wide Range of Analytes

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Consistent and Reproducible Results

Avoid human error by automating your chemistries.


FIAsoft makes training new technicians, LIMS integration, and data analysis easy.

Typical Methods

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