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  • The SMA-FL Fluorescence flow cell provides an easy way of carrying out fluorescence measurements on a fiber optic spectrometer. The design is similar to the SMA-Z series absorbance cells, in that excitation light is sent into the flow cell via a fiber optic cable, and a second cable is used to collect the fluorescence emission light and direct it to the spectrometer. The SMA-FL cells are equipped with quartz optical windows that can be easily mounted and replaced.

    The flow cell is available in chemically inert Black Ultem material. The cell is compatible with standard SMA905 terminated fiber optics. For an ultra-compact fluorescence setup, an LED light source and an excitation filter can be mounted directly onto the flow cell. Emission filters can also be mounted directly if necessary. You can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire about special filters and LED holders for such a setup - or any other custom features you may have in mind.

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    SMA Fluorescence Flow Cell - Black Ultem


    SMA Fluorescence Flow Cell -Stainless Steel

  • The line of fiber optic SMA-FL Cells is the top choice for many fluorescence measurements. SMA-FL cells can be made in Stainless Steel or black Ultem. The cells contain fused silica windows and are compatible with standard SMA-905 terminated fiber optic cables.

    The SMA-FL cell is designed to accommodate many common optical measurements. It is ideal for use in flow injection, sequential injection and stand-alone applications and is readily disassembled for cleaning.

    Please note that flow cells should not be exposed to aggressive materials for long periods of time and doing so may cause significant damage. If prolonged exposure is necessary, please consult the specification sheet in this manual to select a flow cell material most suitable to your application. It is advised to fill the flow cell with water or air when not in use.

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  • SMA-FL Flow Cell Manual:


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