FIAlab's novel ammonia/TKN method receives full EPA authorized status!

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  • Assay Plates

    The FIAlyzer-FLEX uses assay “plates”, which allow the instrument to be quickly switched from one assay to another. These plates have pre-installed fluidic configurations for any assay. These configurations include mixing coils, flow cells, debubblers, and anything else that might change between assays. Simply snap these plates on and off to change between different methods.
  • Flow Cells

    Easily install any flow cell to the unit. All of FIAlab’s flow cells are mounted to the face of the instrument for ease of inspection and upkeep.
  • Internal Components

    Built into the FLEX are all the components needed for analysis. Inside you’ll find a high-precision heater, light source, spectrometer, amperometric detector, and anything else you might need. All of these devices are software controlled.
  • Upgraded Lab-On-Valve

    The FLEX features an upgraded Lab-On-Valve (LOV). This new LOV is small, efficient, and easy to clean.
  • Reagent Manifold

    This manifold provides ports and channels necessary for organized sample treatment. With 15 ports in our standard manifold, all practical assays can be accommodated here.
  • The FIAlyzer-FLEX flow injection analyzer is a reliable and efficient solution for laboratories looking to measure a wide range of parameters in drinking water, wastewater, and other liquid samples. Flow injection analysis offer a simple, reliable, and fast way of analyzing samples in the lab.

    Some of the more common analytes include ortho-phosphates (OP), total phosphorus (TP), nitrate (NO3), nitrate + nitrite (NOx), nitrite (NO2), total nitrogen (TN), total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN), and ammonia (NH3). For a complete list of analytes, please see our Method List

    Our methods are compliant with USEPA, APHA (Standard Methods), and ISO reference methods.

    The FIAlyzer-FLEX has a modular design, whereby the instruments can be combined into a 1-4 channel system with a combination of methods. This allows laboratories that need to analyze one set of samples for several analytes to do so in one run; conversely, a lab that is focused on a single parameter or prefers a dedicated system for each parameter can select a single-channel option.

    The system is controlled by FIAsoft, our state-of-the-art control software, which is written by our in-house software team and receives regular updates. FIAsoft allows for easy sample import, data export, and LIMS integration, and is compatible with Windows 10/11.

    FIAlyzer-FLEX or FIAlyzer-1000

    FIAlab offers two flow injection analyzers, the FLEX and the 1000. Each is well-suited for certain applications. The FIAlyzer-FLEX is ideal in the following situations:

    • a single channel is going to be frequently changed between several different methods
    • in-line methods are going to be run – these are well-suited for the FLEX, which provides the additional space for tubing and pump capacity to accommodate the additional reagent lines

    The FIAlyzer-FLEX is aptly named – its flexibility allows method switchover to happen quickly and easily. FIAlab has the unique “universal manifold” concept, a design in which most of the setup between methods is identical. Additionally, FIAlab is the only flow analyzer manufacturer that uses a spectrometer instead of a photodiode, which means wavelength selection is all done through the software and there is no need for a wavelength-selection filter. Between these two aspects, switching the FIAlyzer-FLEX from one assay to another is a quick and simple matter.

    If you would like to learn about another option that FIAlab has available, we recommend you also check out our FIAlyzer-1000

  • The complete FIAlyzer-FLEX system includes an autosampler, control software, and standalone high-precision pump, and each channel includes an injection valve, light source, and full-array spectrometer. A built-in heater can be added when required. Additional options include an autodilutor, in-line digestor, manual distillation unit, or block digestor.

    The flexible design, along with the additional capacity, make it an excellent choice for laboratories that require frequent method changeover or complex method ; some advantages in using a FLEX include:

      • Full automation of flow injection analysis, including automatic pre-dilution and post-dilution and re-running of over-range samples
      • Automated in-line digestion or distillation
      • Quick and easy method changeover
      • Small footprint – each channel measures less than 1 square foot (30 square centimeters)
      • Software is written in-house by FIAlab and receives regular feature updates
      • Fast calibration - under 5 min
      • Low reagent consumption

Product Highlights

SFA Compatible

Segmented Flow Analysis (SFA) has long been at odds with Flow Injection Analysis (FIA). There is still a debate about which is better. However, most would agree that some methods are more suited for SFA, and others are more suited for FIA. For years, labs have had to choose between an SFA or FIA system. No longer. This instrument can perform both forms of analysis.


The sheer number of required methods for environmental analysis calls for adaptable instrumentation. It calls for instruments that can not only hit low detection limits but that can switch between assays, stack together, and serve you without issues. The FIAlyzer-FLEX is that instrument.

Easily Switch Between Methods

The FIAlyzer-FLEX uses assay “plates”, which allow the instrument to be quickly switched from one assay to another. These plates have pre-installed fluidic configurations for any assay. Simply snap these plates on and off to change between different methods.

Bench Space

In many labs, bench space is limited. At just six inches wide, the FIAlyzer-FLEX is designed vertically to minimize its footprint while still allowing easy access to all the critical components.


Software is just as important as hardware. In order to provide complete analytical solutions, we understand that we have to deliver quality hardware and polished software. Our instruments operate on the newest, most intuitive FIA software ever. This program will change the way you use flow injection. Click the link to find out how.

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