FIAlab's novel ammonia/TKN method receives full EPA authorized status!

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We believe that an instrument can only be fully utilized when quality hardware meets polished computer control. Our instruments operate on the most intuitive flow injection software ever. This modern software, FIAsoft, reduces workload and streamlines the analytical process.

Product Highlights

Fast Configuration

Autodetect and configure many devices including FIA instruments, autosamplers, external pumps, etc.

Improved Sample Entry

Enter samples while method is running. Edit sample tables easily. Easy import from LIMS. Supports rapid entry methods – i.e. bar code scanners.

Enhanced Plotting Capabilities

Smooth zooming, panning and detail inspection of data on all data plots.

GUI Control

Clean GUI with a “point and click” functionality to maximize visual control. Each control feature is easy to use and displays helpful tooltips during mouse hover.

Plot Inspection

Inspect individual peaks, entire runs, time slices and more with a single click.

3D Heat Map

This new feature plots absorbance readings across the entire spectrum for a single peak in order to monitor multiple wavelengths at once.

LIMS Integration

All FIAlab software is easily integrated into most LIMS systems. If not, we’ll make it work.

Easy Report Generation

Create reports in your choice of format: CSV, Table, Legacy or Custom. Data sets can be saved in file formats that comply with data integrity guidelines.

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Spectrometer Capabilities

Utilizing a spectrometer allows for absorption to be read at multiple wavelengths at once. This broadens the concentration range you can measure in a single run. Then having a broad concentration eliminates the need to change wavelength filters on your light source. This also allows for the use of reference wavelengths to reduce noise and increase accuracy. The different wavelengths are represented by different colored peaks on the graph here.

Real time absorbance readingsreal time graphing and realtime analysis

Easily monitor your samples in real-time! Use the slider to visualize how your samples’ output are read in FIAsoft.

Customization services

Do you have needs that are not addressed in FIAsoft? We will happily work with you to create custom software solutions like we have for countless customers now. Past projects include automatic unit conversions, cross-device communication solutions, and custom report formatting. We can modify data output so that custom data fields are displayed and calculated while complying with data integrity guidelines. Data processing can also be automated by FIAsoft, saving your scientists time. Custom Graphics User Interfaces (GUIs) can be made for our customers. Set up custom controls for your lab technicians and modify how data is displayed. Our standard interface allows for custom python scripts written by lab technicians to run on our instrument. Our software can serve as the master control software that coordinates all of your Process Analytical Technology (PAT). Set up OPC communication on your internal network to control instruments from across the room. We are familiar with setting up communications with devices from other distributors like Eppendorf, Flownamics, Nova and more. Our talented software engineers are ready to build whatever you can imagine. Many software developers and contractors cannot produce quality solutions like we do. We guarantee that our software will be easy to use and will get the job done.

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