FIAlab's novel ammonia/TKN method receives full EPA authorized status!

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FIAlyzer and FIAlab SFA analyzer

Usually, FIA (Flow Injection Analysis) and SFA (Segmented Flow Analysis) are seen as competing analysis technologies. Arguments are made for and against, each manufacturer (or end user) promoting the technology that they happen to represent.

FIAlab has chosen a different approach. Guided by our motto "Fluidics Intelligently Automated", we focus on the best tool for the task at hand. Sometimes it is FIA, sometimes it is SFA. It can even be a hybrid approach borrowing ideas from each platform. We believe that FIA and SFA each have their own unique merits, evidenced by the fact that they both have existed for decades and are enjoying a strong following in the analytical community.

Let us use a couple of examples to illustrate the point. For manifolds requiring extensive residence time (e.g. in-line cyanide digestion), SFA is advantageous as air segmentation prevents excessive dilution of the sample bolus as the sample travels through the long manifold. On the other hand, for applications focusing on high throughput, quick method startup and fast calibration verification (e.g. phosphate analysis on agricultural samples), FIA would be advantageous since FIA methods can be made to produce a calibration within mere minutes - and be set up to run 200+ samples an hour.

Most of the time, the best approach is not patently clear. That is where FIAlab's long-standing expertise in flow analysis enters the picture. By discussing your application with our team of experts, you can be assured to get the best possible setup for your analysis needs - and experience the benefits of intelligent fluidic automation.